Frequently Asked Questions

KANKA is a native word for Barbecue


Inspired by Patagonian and Brazilian style BBQ, the KANKA® Grill is an ultra-portable, revolutionary electric rotating (motorized) spit grill and FULL rotisserie system, designed to be used with ANY 'grill or fire' and allow the user to have a top quality outdoor BBQ anywhere and everywhere!

Why limit yourself by only having a bulky, stationary grill? Now you can enjoy a perfect BBQ wherever you are without the hassle and cost of having multiple tools. ONE SYSTEM is all you need to BBQ at home or at any outdoor cooking setting.

You can carry it in its 31" bag when camping, trekking, hunting, fishing, RVing, tailgating or to any outdoor adventure! Defy seasonality and BBQ ALL YEAR ROUND!

With thousands of KANKA Grill® users in 17+ countries now is finally available in the US. Join the BBQ revolution!

You can power it with AA batteries, any 110 / 220V power outlet at home or using the KANKA Solar Rechargeable Battery* (*Accessory, not included. Coming soon).

The KANKA Grill max load weight is 22 Lbs. Up to 50 lb. when using it with the Universal - Heavy Duty - Gas Grill Adapter accessory (coming soon!)

Yes! The KANKA® Grill is so versatile that you can use it over ANY heat source or fire. It was designed to work with any heat source including charcoal and gas grills, campfires, or open fire pits.

The KANKA® Grill is the perfect tool to cook all your favorite foods! With the different accessories you can cook anything you can imagine: all different thicknesses of beef or meat cuts, fish, all types of veggies, hamburgers, all kinds of sausages, whole chickens, chicken breast or wings, pork chops, pork tenderloin, ribs, shish kebab / kabobs + ANY food!

Inside the carrying bag: 31 inches, 12 lb.

In use: 63 inches tall by 51 inches wide. Food surface: 32 inches (length of the two 100% food-grade Stainless Steel rods) Kanka Grill - Product dimensions and weight

The KANKA® Grill comes with 12 month limited warranty for all metal parts and geared motor.

3 month limited warranty for battery holder, AC adapter and carrying bag. 3 month limited warranty for all accessories.

With thousands of customers in 17+ Countries over the past 5 years... We are 100% sure you won't want to return it :)

But if you buy it and you think this bad boy is not for you, just ship it back to us for a full refund*, NO questions asked!

*Only for purchases made on Within 30 days after purchase. Product must have not been used and in optimal cosmetic and working condition (with all its parts). Return shipping costs will not be refunded*