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My order (product) is missing parts

Before shipping, each product is checked to ensure that it has all the corresponding parts.

In the case of the KANKA® Grill, the stainless steel rods (x2) are located inside one of the pillars. Check all the pieces inside the bag (and pockets) well before contacting us.

If you have already received your order and you think that some piece is missing, or one of them is incomplete, broken or defective, please contact us explaining your case.

What is that KANKA® "stainless steel ring" for? Do I have to install it?

It is a protective ring and it is VERY important that it is ALWAYS installed. You MUST install it BEFORE you start using your KANKA® as it protects excess fat and liquids from meat and food from entering the motor and damaging it irreversibly. Please: read your user manual carefully and follow the installation instructions step by step.

Is it normal for the motor - the bar and food - to vibrate when turning?

Yes, it is VERY normal for the motor to have a small vibration when turning (the sword with the food). This is common to all épée spin setups and systems. In any case, follow these recommendations so that vibrations are minimised:

1) ALWAYS RESPECT the MANDATORY minimum distance from the fire, explained in detail in your user manual. When piece E gets too hot, excessive vibration can be generated, as well as damage to the motor.

2) NEVER exceed the permitted weight of the Grill. This, in addition to damaging your engine, will cause unusual vibrations and turns. Make sure you never over load it (it is always better to use it with loads of a maximum of 8 kilos).

3) ALWAYS REMEMBER to balance the weight of the food very well, as shown in your user manual. The more unbalanced the load, the greater the vibrations and sag in the turn.

4) ALWAYS the center pillar should be STRAIGHT, 90 DEGREES to the ground, and the Rotisserie should be angled slightly upwards. This ensures a correct connection between the motor and the bar, and with this less vibration.

Vibrations and even a little sag in the turn is normal, but if the sag is excessive (1/4 turn at least) then contact us using the Technical Service form below.

My engine does not start (does not sound, does not turn)

This can be due to several factors. In most cases it is not a problem with the engine itself. For this:

1) First make sure that the motor is correctly connected to the power source, in order to rule out that the problem is with the power source (and not with the motor). Try it first by connecting to the 110-220V current (using the transformer) and then with the battery box. IMPORTANT: You must test WITH BOTH power sources before contacting us. If you followed these steps and your motor still does not turn on, complete the Technical Service form below.

2) Also check the condition of the female connector located at the base of the motor (where you connect the cable from the transformer or box from batteries to the motor). If you see that this connector has been damaged or is broken (it went inside), take a detailed photo of it and complete the Technical Service form below.

My engine starts, it sounds but the blade does not turn

First you must make sure that there is a correct connection of part D (the motor) with part E (the bar). For this, the bar must enter as straight as possible in the tube and fit correctly with the motor (the connection is generated inside the motor tube). When this connection or connection occurs, you will hear a “slight click”. Verify that a correct coupling was made by SLIGHTLY turning both pieces in the opposite direction to verify that there is hooking. BUT BE CAREFUL, do not force the motor: do it gently just to verify a correct connection or engagement of both parts. If your engine starts and you think both parts (D and E) are connected but the bar still won't turn, fill out the Technical Service form below.

Also check that part H ("the figure 8 connector ”) does not have any deformation, since a deformation in this piece can lead the bar to be parallel to the ground, causing a Bar-Motor decoupling. If the part has a deformation, you must contact us urgently to buy a replacement part.

I can't connect the bar to the motor (parts E and D)

First make sure that your sword has no dirt in the hole where it connects to your motor. At the base of your sword (part E) you should be able to see the hole with a hexagon about a centimeter deep, completely clean. If that hole is covered (for example filled with earth), it is impossible to generate the connection between the bar and the motor. If you find that the hex hole on your guide bar is COMPLETELY free of debris, and it still won't connect to your motor (they won't engage), please complete the Technical Service form below.

Contact form

IF YOU DO NOT FIND the answer to your problem and need to contact our Technical Service, please fill out the form below. *ALL information is required to be able to contact you and resolve your case.

In case of problems with your KANKA Grill, you must enter the number on the warranty card. If you are contacting us about another product, please enter the barcode or product name: